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What has changed since the implementation of subsidies for farm machinery? You can see it here

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[China's agricultural machinery network subsidy dynamics] since the implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2004, the annual fund scale has been expanding, and the scope of implementation has gradually covered the whole country and has made great progress. Especially in the five years from 2012 to 2016, remarkable results have been achieved, which has promoted the rapid and steady development of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry, with the outstanding achievement of the party's 199. During this period, the central government has allocated 114.52 billion yuan for farm machinery purchase subsidy funds, support 16.91 million purchase of agricultural machinery and farmers about 22.57 million units (sets), drive farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations investment of 257.4 billion yuan. On the one hand, to promote the mechanization of agriculture comprehensive development all the way, the 2016 national farming comprehensive mechanization rate was 65.2%, compared with 2012 increased by 8.2%, the implementation of agricultural production is given priority to with the human animal to give priority to with machinery operation historic leap, into the era of mechanized substitution ". Drive, on the other hand, the growing of agricultural machinery industry, the 2016 national farm machinery industrial enterprises above designated size main business income is 474.5 billion yuan, 1.5 times that of 2012, China's growth for the first big agricultural machinery manufacturing. 

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